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Grouse Peak Via BCMC


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    Running route mapped by  Ran Katzman Photo
    3 years ago

    Starts near North Vancouver, CASEARCH NEARBY
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    6.700 miles
    3487 ft | 3480 ft 
    Grouse Peak Via BCMC
    st lb  
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    From Cleveland Dam head North up Nancy Greene Way to the Grouse parking lot.
    Follow Baden Powell trail, past the fork with the Grouse Grind trail, for about 150 meters to a signed fork in the trail with the BCMC trail heading uphill to the left and the Baden Powell trail continuing straight.
    Go left and uphill following the square red BCMC trail markers.
    Follow the BCMC Trail for another 45 to 75 minutes until you arrive at the Grouse Mountain Chalet.
    Time-permitting, you can now continue to the peak of Grouse Mountain:
    From the main entrance of the Chalet, head north east (Chalet at your back).
    You’ll pass Grizzly Bear Habitat, Lumberjack show area, and “Birds in Motion” tourist attractions.
    Follow the gravel road around right flank of the peak. The road gets very steep towards the top but, fortunately, doesn’t last for long. You're at the top when you reach the "Olympic Express" chairlift.
    Retrace your path back to the Chalet.
    Take the Gondola down or, if you're still feeling energetic, retrace your path back down the BCMC.
    Don't go down the Grouse Grind - it's not permitted and annoyingly crowded.
    Note: You need pay a $15 fee at the Chalet to take the Gondola down if you choose that path.

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