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    Queen Victoria Ride - July 2018

    Horse Riding route mapped by  David Tidmarsh Photo
    3 years ago

    Starts near Aviemore, GBSEARCH NEARBY
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    145.772 miles
    16135 ft | 16092 ft 
    Queen Victoria Ride - July 2018
    st lb  
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    I recently read the Highland Journals of Queen Victoria. She details adventures on horseback and journeys around the Cairngorms with servants John Stuart and John Brown 1859 to 1862. Incognito on one occasion as the "companion of Lady Churchhill". She completed on horse back (side saddle) most of the sections on this route. The only one I am not certain of is whether she crossed the Minigaig or not. she visited Jock's Road area on the tops from Lochnagar.

    Her adventurous spirit, love of the mountains and interest in the people of the area inspired me to do a complete round of the Cairngorms in 2018, taking in some of the challenging routes and wild places she visited. And meeting folk on the way. It has been a great adventure.

    With a a few minor changes I completed the route of 150 miles, 16,000 feet climbing over 10 days between 9th and 21st July 2018. Loch Morlich - Tomintoul - Loch Builg - Invercauld - Balmoral - Gelder Shiel - Loch Muick - Glen Doll - Jock's Road - Glen Callater - Braemar - Marr Lodge - Bynack Lodge (ruin) - Falls of Taff - Glen Tilt- Glen Bruar - Minigaig - Glen Tromie - Kingussie - Feshie Forest - Rothiemurchus - Loch Morlich.

    In the elevation profile the climb at 64 miles is Jock's Road from Glen Doll to Glen Callater. The climb at 115 miles is the Minigaig from Glen Bruar to Glen Tromie.

    20 photos limit on the map; click on photo or on camera image on map to view. Photos are located on map. Nights are shown as a tent (wild camping) or as a building (bothy). More photos via the link in the Comments below.

    Different map options top right; 'Paths' is good one.

    A big, BIG thanks to all sorts of people in support - Annie (my wife), Angus & estate staff (Invercauld), Katie & Richard (Glendole), the walkers on Jock's Road helping with Boysie, Stewart & Bill (Callater), the golf club / caravan folk at Braemar, Lisa at Marr Lodge, Highland Horse Fun (Kingussie) and George at Glen Feshie.

    Above all - Maisie and Boysie. Love and thanks ... David


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