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Marie Curie Peak Trek Ultra - Sat 20 July 2019


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    Walking route mapped by  Marie Curie Photo
    10 months ago

    Starts near Sterndale Moor, GBSEARCH NEARBY
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    25.939 miles
    2372 ft | 2381 ft 
    Marie Curie Peak Trek Ultra - Sat 20 July 2019
    st lb  
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    Welcome to the Marie Curie Peak Trek Ultra 2019! This map pack contains:

    - The overall map route (4 pages)
    - Written directions (11 pages)

    This is a GUIDED TREK, meaning experienced MOUNTAIN GUIDES will walk with you along the route. There are also Marie Curie-branded ARROW SIGNS along the route for you to follow. This map pack is intended to compliment, rather than replace, the guides and arrows.

    The walking route has 17 MARSHAL POINTS along it, which will be manned by Marie Curie staff and volunteers. Make sure to say hello to them along the way - they're there to help keep you safe and make sure you enjoy your trek.
    In the written directions, these Marshal Points are indicated by the letters 'MP' at the start of the direction. (eg. 'MP3' denotes Marshal Point 3).

    The directions also contain several (excellent) photographs of Matt and Sophie, members of the Event Team at Marie Curie, pointing the way you'll need to walk, just to make it super clear where you need to go.

    If you feel you are lost, or if you get into difficulty on the route, make contact with a mountain guide. They all have radios and can call into Trek HQ in Monyash Village Hall.

    Alternatively, you can call the Event Manager on 07912 443389

    Good luck, and happy trekking!

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