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About plotaroute.com

plotaroute.complotaroute.com is a free worldwide online route planner for all outdoor pursuits, including walking, running and cycling.  It provides people with a simple way to accurately plan, measure and share routes used for leisure and fitness purposes.

The website was launched in January 2014 and is now used by around 200,000 people a month from 150 different countries, with an average of 0.65 million page views a month in 2016 and continued steady growth.

It has a modern, professional design that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, and it has attracted excellent feedback from users.

About the opportunity

plotaroute.com is seeking a major sponsor or investor to help fund development and expansion of the service. As a sponsor, the opportunity exists to promote your brand to a highly targeted worldwide audience of outdoor and fitness enthusiasts through the plotaroute.com website and to our database of registered users. For investors, plotaroute.com offers the opportunity to invest in an established and proven online application, that has demonstrated strong early growth and which has significant opportunity for expansion and value growth, either in isolation or as part of a wider customer proposition.


The website was launched in January 2014 and has achieved strong early growth, solely through word of mouth. This underlying trend is expected to continue as awareness of the website develops, with seasonal reductions in winter periods; however the following chart shows the key statistics as at Q2 2017:

The geographic distribution of website users is currently as follows:

  • UK (43%)
  • US (26%)
  • Others (31%)

The demographic distribution of website users is currently as follows:

  • Male: 60%, Female 40%
  • Age:
    • 18-24 (12.9%)
    • 25-34 (29.5%)
    • 35-44 (26.9%)
    • 45-54 (19.2%)
    • 55-64 (8.1%)
    • 65+ (3.3%)

Users of the site have a strong affinity with health and fitness, outdoor pursuits, sports and technology.


If you are interested in discussing possible sponsorship or investment opportunities, please email John Piears via our contact us page.