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Great features...

Our route planner has lots of great features to make route planning simple.

  • large uncluttered map
  • automatic route plotting
  • off-road routing
  • "Make Me a Route" function
  • foot/cycle path maps
  • easy route editing
  • upload from Garmin GPS devices
  • "Locate Me" option
  • automatically generated directions
  • print and download options

Also for mobile devices...

Mobile Route PlannerYou can also use on your mobile device without the need to download an app. Just go to in your mobile web browser.

Read more in our news post about this.

Quick start video...

Watch our route planner in action...

More videos under the Tutorials menu.

Latest News - Tuesday 24 Mar 2015

New Route Planner Features Added

We're excited to tell you about 3 great new features that we've just added to our route planner:

New Route Plotting Functions

PLOT WITH WAYPOINTS -This feature lets you plot an extensive route by adding just a handful of waypoints to the map. You can drag the waypoints around to easily change the route until you are happy with it, making this a fantastic option for quickly experimenting with ideas for new routes.

COMBINE ROUTES - Use this new feature to join together nearby routes into a single longer route. You can combine any public routes on the database that are in the area - the route planner will automatically connect them provided they are close enough to each other.

MOVE START POINT - This feature is for use with circular routes and enables you to move the start/finish to a different point along the route by simply dragging a marker on the map.

All of these new features can be found under the Plot menu in the route planner. As always, our focus has been on adding new features that are intuitive to use and help to make route planning easy. We hope you'll find these latest enhancements useful.

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Route Planning Made Easy has lots of great plotting and editing features to help you to plot routes quickly and easily.

Back To The Start

Plots the shortest path back to the start

Same Route Back

Plots return leg of an
out-and-back route

Rejoin Route Home

Plots return leg via a selected point

Delete Section

Deletes a selected range of points

Replot Section

Replot a section of the route

Measure Section

Measures a section of the route

Reverse Route

Switches the start
and end of the route

Repeat a Route

Plots extra laps of a circular route

Repeat a Loop

Plots extra loops in the middle of a route

Make Me a Route

Plots suggested routes for you!

You can find our more about some of these route planner features in our video tutorials (see Tutorials menu above).


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