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Looking for the best route planner for walking, running and cycling? - Best Route Planner for Walking, Running and Cycling is used in over 190 countries across the world and has excellent reviews. It is very easy to use with many advanced features, making it it simple to quickly plot and share great looking route maps for your walks, runs or bike rides, or indeed any outdoor pursuits.

The route planner can can be used on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, and a mobile-friendly version of the website makes it easy to access all your routes on the move.

You can print route maps, download GPS files and share your routes on social media. You can even display your routes directly on your own website or blog, with our unique interactive video style maps.

Standard Membership is free so why not register now and give it a try!

Great features...

Our route planner has lots of great features to make route planning simple.

  • auto-plot options
  • off-road routing
  • foot/cycle path maps
  • Google Street View *
  • easy route editing
  • upload routes
  • download GPS files
  • "Make Me a Route" option *
  • put 'Video Maps' on your website
  • auto-generated directions
  • easy social sharing options
  • print maps over multiple pages

* Desktop site only

For a quick introduction, watch our
Mobile Route Planner Video Tutorial.

Latest News
Tuesday 23 Apr 2019

Splitting Routes

New Split a Route featureWe're very pleased to announce another great new feature for our Premium members - a route planner function that lets you to split one route into up to 15 separate routes.

The new Split a Route feature will be great news for anyone planning long distance routes that wants to split up them into more manageable chunks, perhaps daily sections to load onto a GPS device. Splitting a route is simply a matter of choosing where along the route you want to split it and then letting the system do all the rest, saving each one as a separate route with a numeric suffix to help you identify them. You can create a fortnight's worth of routes in just a few clicks with this new feature.

If you want to do the opposite and join several routes together into one long route, you can also do this using our Combine Routes feature. Both of these features are available under the "Create" menu and the Plot Function toolkit in the route planner.

If you're currently a Standard member and would like to find out more about other features like the new Split a Route function that are exclusively available under Premium membership, please visit our Membership Options page.

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Route Planning Made Easy has lots of great plotting and editing features to help you to plot routes quickly and easily.

Back To The Start

Plots the shortest path back to the start

Same Route Back

Plots return leg of an
out-and-back route

Rejoin Route Home

Plots return leg via a selected point

Delete Section

Deletes a selected range of points

Replot Section

Replot a section of the route

Measure Section

Measures a section of the route

Reverse Route

Switches the start
and end of the route

Move Start Point

Move the start/finish of a circular route

Repeat a Route

Plots extra laps of a circular route

Repeat a Loop

Plots extra loops in the middle of a route

Delete Homestretch

Delete first/final leg to your house

Combine Routes

Join together two or more existing routes

Plot With Waypoints

Plots a route using draggable waypoints

Make Me a Route

Plots suggested routes for you!

For more information, check out the video tutorials on our desktop site.

NOTE: Some features are only available on the desktop version of the website.

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