Standard membership of is free but we also offer PREMIUM Membership, which is ad-free, giving you a larger map for plotting routes, as well as higher usage limits and other benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to register for free STANDARD membership first before upgrading to PREMIUM membership

Membership Options...

Current Plan SIGN IN
Public Routes Unlimited Unlimited
Private Routes 5 500
Points per Route 5000 50,000
Photos Per Route 2 20
Print Routes Over 1 page 10 pages
Route Collections 3 routes 30 routes
'Make Me a Route'
(credits per month)
3 30
Google Street View Map or Street View Split-Screen *
Watch Demo
Advertising Yes AD-FREE
Priority Support   Yes
PREMIUM Status  

* Resizable split screen showing a Street View image alongside the map, which updates automatically as you plot your route (Desktop version of website only - not availabe on mobile version).


PLEASE NOTE: Features and usage limits available to STANDARD and PREMIUM members may be subject to change in the event of significant changes in costs.