Standard membership of is free but we also offer PREMIUM Membership, which is ad-free, giving you higher usage limits, faster route plotting and other benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to register for free STANDARD membership first before upgrading to PREMIUM membership

Membership Options...

Current Plan SIGN IN
Desktop Route Planner Standard
(with OSM maps)
(with Google maps)
Mobile Route Planner Yes Yes
Route Editing
(Reshape and Replot)
Desktop Only Desktop and Mobile
Route Planner
Map Layers **
0 5
Google Street View Split-Screen *
Watch Demo
- Yes
Auto-Plot Standard Turbo
(plot faster)
Multi-Page Printing - print over 10 pages
Split a Route ** - split into 15 routes
Public Routes Unlimited Unlimited
Private Routes 5 500
Points per Route 2,500 50,000
Plot with Waypoints 5 waypoints 30 waypoints
Photos Per Route 2 50
Abbreviated Directions 10 abbreviations 100 abbreviations
Detours Per Route ** 1 Unlimited
Route Collections
(multiple routes per map)
3 routes 30 routes
'Make Me a Route'
(credits per month)
3 30
Advertising Adverts AD-FREE
Priority Support - Yes
PREMIUM Status -
Annual Price FREE GBP: £16
USD: $22
EUR: €19

* Resizable split screen showing a Street View image alongside the route planner map, which updates automatically as you plot your route (desktop version of website only - not available on mobile version).
** Desktop route planner only.


PLEASE NOTE: Features and usage limits available to STANDARD and PREMIUM members may be subject to change in the event of significant changes in costs.