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  • plotaroute admin   Tuesday 08 Dec 2015 12:25:50

    Bookmarked Routes Selector on Home PageWe're pleased to announce the latest upgrade to, which introduces a way of bookmarking routes you like, so that you can quickly and easily find them again at any time.

    You'll need to be signed in first, then when you view a route on you'll be able to bookmark it by clicking on the new bookmark icon (and unbookmark it in the same way). You can find any routes you've bookmarked on your "Bookmarked Routes" list, either on your home page or through a new menu option in the route planner (under the "More" menu).

    We've added bookmarking options to the route finder as well, to make it easy to bookmark routes while searching and previewing them without having to repeat a full search each time. It's also very easy to bookmark any Recently Viewed routes on your home page.

    The new route bookmarking features are available on both the desktop and mobile sites.

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