Open a map link with km units and paths map type by default

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  • plotaroute admin   Thursday 18 Jan 2018 19:20:57

    We intententionally redirect people to the 'View Route' page when a route is shared, to ensure a consistent experience.  This was changed some time ago.  To preview what people will see when you share a route we recommend that you click SHARE to get the link, as links copied from the address bar may end up being redirected.


  • Mike Kreaden   Thursday 18 Jan 2018 17:02:07

    The direct links to the map page (e.g. no longer works.  The map ULRs now redirect to the route page (e.g.

    Is this by design, or it is a new bug?

  • plotaroute admin   Monday 13 Feb 2017 09:41:05

    Hi Jacob - You can choose to use your own preferences for units and map type when sharing a route by selecting "Current" rarther than "Default" for the Map/Units option in the sharing dialog box.  This will ensure that the route map is loaded with your current settings when someone else views the route using the link provided.


  • Jacob Edelbo Lauritzen Saturday 11 Feb 2017 23:25:50


    A slightly different suggestion about the unit for shared routes...

    Make the chosen unit preference of the shared route creator the default unit when presenting the route.

    As an example - my unit preference is set to km. So for all my shared routes, present them in km when a new/unregistered user opens the link.

  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 02 Mar 2016 09:12:46

    Hi - thanks for the suggestion.  I've added this to our Feature Requests list.  Anyone interested in this can vote for it there (number 46).

    In the meantime, while it's not possible to override the units, map type and auto-plot settings in the link to the route planner, you can specify the default location.  To get a link to the route planner which loads it at a given location, go to the route planner, search for the location you want, then bookmark this location (using the bookmark button next to the search box at the top of the page).  Then go to your home page and select your "My Places" tab.  You should see your bookmark there with a link to Plot a Route, which will load the route planner at your bookmarked location.


  • HÃ¥kan Gustafsson Tuesday 01 Mar 2016 13:05:24

    Sorry for hijacking this thread.

    We want to make a survey about cycling. We are going to let people plot their routes to work etc. Therefore it would be nice if we could share a link like

    Then our citizens easily could plot their routes for us to make or improve cycle ways. Thx.

  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 27 Jan 2016 09:34:51

    Hi Ran - Thanks for your kind fedback about ths site.

    The suggestion to be able to specify a map type is already on our Feature Request list, so please vote for this on there and it will help to move it up the list.  The ID of this Feature Request is 28.  I'll amend the Feature Request to also include the ability to specify the Units in the link as well as the map type.

    Thanks again,



  • Ran Katzman Tuesday 26 Jan 2016 17:40:25

    Thank you for creating this mapping tool with high quality engine and a very intuitive GUI, you've got an excellent product!

    I want to give someone a link to a map I created (e.g. and have it opened in 'km' units and 'paths' map type instead of the default miles and Google map.

    I know I can do it when embedding maps by appending '?units=km&maptype=paths', but unfortunately these arguments do not work on non-embedded maps.

    If the user changes the units/map type at the bottom of the map, it does not seem to be retained when re-opening the same map or a different one.

    Is there a way to make this work either via a cookie or address line arguments?

    Thank you,

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