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  • Philip Charlesworth Thursday 17 Aug 2017 10:24:35

    Thanks John.  I've had a quick look and it seems fairly straightforward.  

    I guess I'm going to be reviewing the source data for the main tracks in the FoD and Wye Valley over the next few months.  My Labrador is going to get a lot of walks!

  • plotaroute admin   Thursday 17 Aug 2017 09:25:02

    Hi Philip - the Paths map uses open source data from OpenStreetMap and sometimes a path is missing or not designated for use by the mode of transport selected.  Changing the Auto-Plot mode from "By Bike" to "On Foot" can sometimes help or changing the map type.  Also, you can actually edit the source map itself if you know a path is suitable for cycling but it is not allowing you to Auto-Plot by bike.  We have more details about how to do this here: Contribute to OpenStreetMap Data


  • Philip Charlesworth Wednesday 16 Aug 2017 20:01:36

    Where I live (nr Forest of Dean) there are large areas of woodland with a mix of paths, bridleways and cycle tracks.  I've been trying to plan walking routes that use all three and its driving me nuts!

    The problem is at junctions.  The route planning starts won't let me switch between different types of track.  An example is when a cycleway crosses a bridleway.  the route planner won't let me simply turn of one and onto the other.  It takes me along the cycle track to a nearby road, goes along the road, then tuns onto the bridleway.

    I get similar problems with any junction between paths, bridleways or cycle tracks.

    How can I fix this?

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