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  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 10:31:34

    We're delighted to bring you news of the latest new feature that we've added to - our Calorie Calculator.

    If you want to know how many Calories you're likely to burn by walking, running or cycling a route, you can now find this out. Whenever you view a route on you'll now see the estimated number of Calories burned alongside other key data like distance, terrain and ascent. Initially the estimated Calories will be based on default settings, but you can configure the calculator to use your own weight and pace for the activity type in question. Once you've done this, your settings will be saved so that you don't need to re-enter them each time.

    Calorie Calculaor for walking, running and cycling routes

    This was one of the most voted-for requests on our Feature Requests list, so we're particularly pleased that we've been able to add this to the site. We're continuing to invest in developing to make it even better, so please vote for any features that you would like to see added.

    Please note, because we ask you for your weight to configure the Calorie Calculator we have updated our Privacy Policy to make reference to this additional personal data.

  • Jaroslaw Gil Friday 26 Oct 2018 11:49:11


    I try different settings, but the calculator doesn't work.

  • plotaroute admin   Sunday 28 Oct 2018 09:40:54

    Hi Jaroslaw - it's working OK here for me. Perhaps it's a propblem related to the specific route you are looking at - can you let me know which route you are looking at please and what settings you are using?  Also, what browser you are using?



  • Jaroslaw Gil Tuesday 30 Oct 2018 11:16:41

    I've used Firefox so far (the latest version... ). Now I changed to Chrome and it works :)

  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 31 Oct 2018 10:30:08

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    It's working OK in Firefox here so it could be related to a plug-in you have installed.  Chrome is our preferred browser though and is the one we use mostly for testing, so I'd recommend using that anyway.


  • john melia Friday 22 Feb 2019 08:53:29

    i am getting this message while attempting to input my correct weight in the calorie calculator !!


    Sorry, a system problem occured saving your Calorie Calculator settings

  • plotaroute admin   Friday 22 Feb 2019 09:36:01

    Hi John - I can't seem to be able to reproduce this problem here, so perhaps it depends on the settings you are entering.  Can you let me know what route you are looking at please and what weight you are trying to enter? Also, are you using the desktop version of the site or the mobile site?


  • john melia Saturday 02 Mar 2019 09:20:09

    you can see the message in the attached pic , i am using a laptop , and chrome browser

  • plotaroute admin   Monday 04 Mar 2019 09:19:41

    Thanks John, but I can't see this image - I think perhaps it is has not been publicly shared.  If you can let me know what route you are looking at though and what weight you are trying to enter I can try it with the same settings here.


  • James Goto   Tuesday 25 Apr 2023 17:24:43

    I've made a separate thread for this question, but thought I'd add it here too:

    When calculating calories for a cycle route, should the weight be the weight of the rider? Or should it be the full system weight, i.e. rider + bike + luggage?

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