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  • Luca Naso Tuesday 14 Jan 2020 18:02:11

    Hi there, 

    I have several routes to merge and I am doing great with the "combine routes" feature!

    However, at one point my route goes out from an island into the mainland, and I don't know how to manage this.

    My route (1) finishes at the island-harbour, then route (2) begins at the mainland-harbour. If I combine route (1) and (2) then the final route will also contain a path on the sea! This will ruin all of the statistics because that part is done sitting on the boat! 

    Ideally, one would like to see a kind of "connection line" that is not included in the route data (e.g. length, height).
    If this is not possible, maybe one could just leave a hole in the path?

    Thanks for any answer, and congratulations to the dev team for the good work!

  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 15 Jan 2020 09:21:06

    Hi Luca - I'm afraid there isn't currently any way of plotting ferry crossings without including them in the route. That's a great idea for a new feature though, as there would probably be several scenarios where such a tool might be useful, so hopefully we can develop this at some point. We've added it to our Feature Requests list, where anyone interested in this can vote for it (number 94). Thanks for the kind feedback about the site too.

  • Luca Naso Friday 17 Jan 2020 20:12:27

    Hello admin,

    thanks for your reply.

    What a pity that this feature is not available yet! I hope it can come live soon :)

    Thanks for creating a new feature request.


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