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  • plotaroute admin   Tuesday 17 Aug 2021 09:20:37

    You shouldn't see any ads after signing into a Premium account - do you maybe have two accounts? If you want to avoid averts before or during sign in, please use the sign in page: 

    If you need further help, drop us an email via our Contact Us page  so we can assist you further.


  • George Dean   Monday 16 Aug 2021 18:53:01

    I have one premium account for 2 devices.

    why are there ads from 1 device?


  • plotaroute admin   Tuesday 07 Apr 2020 11:46:06

    Help MenuTo help you get the most out of using, we've made some changes to our Help pages and how you can access help across the site. These are the main changes:

    • there is now a newly renamed Help menu 

    • we've created a new Frequently Asked Questions section 

    • our Tips and Tricks section has been replaced with How-To Guides 

    • we've made it easier to search the Forums

    • we've reconfigured the menu on our mobile site to show more menu options


    If you're looking for help on using the site, there are now several options:

    • How-To Guides - detailed instructions for many of the features on

    • Tutorials - video tutorials demonstrating how to use key features of the website 

    • FAQ's - frequently asked questions about

    • Forums - a friendly place to ask questions and seek further advice

    • Contact Us - if you have a question that is confidential or specific to your account, get in touch
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