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  • Louis Hwang Friday 28 Aug 2020 16:45:41

    Increase the Ave Flat Speed to 100.00 Kph for Timer feature. Please!

  • plotaroute admin   Monday 29 Jun 2020 08:23:41

    Thanks for these suggestions.  We've added a new feature request (number 98) to create a Pace Profile feature, so that people can vote for this and we'll see if we can add in the other point when we next make changes to the Timer feature.

  • Primož Prislan   Saturday 27 Jun 2020 20:26:28


    I really like your timer feature with included ETA values but...

    1. I would like to have the possibility to export timer data (CSV for instance). It will help me sometimes to have timer predictions by distance so that I can adjust ETA according to actual times during activity. Example: 1km - 12km/h, 2km 11km/h, 3km 11,5km/h...

    2. Can you display overall expected pace/speed? I enter my walking speed to 10km/h, then you calculate ETA according to elevation. After that, I don't know what my expected speed/pace would be for the entire route. This value is not hard for you to calculate and display somewhere.

    Have a nice day, Primož.

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