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  • Andrene Dickins Sunday 11 Jul 2021 18:45:22

    I have the downloaded map on my iphone but can't use the interactive option, how do I do that please?

  • plotaroute admin   Monday 12 Jul 2021 07:57:00

    Hi Andrene - sorry, I'm not sure what you're referring too. You can view an interactive route map on a mobile device for a route you've previously saved by selecting the route from your My Routes page, selecting View Route and then clicking on the small image the route map with the play arrow on it. Or you can select Edit Route Map after selecting the route from your My Routes page to load the route in the route planner.

  • Andrene Dickins Monday 12 Jul 2021 09:21:17

    Thank you, i'll try again, maybe it was cos my screen kept closing????


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