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  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 13 Oct 2021 12:12:00

    We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Suunto, introducing instant route transfer from to Suunto watches.

    Our new Send route to Suunto feature is available now to all Premium Plotaroute users and can be activated your My Settings page. Once activated this new integration will then be available on your My Routes page, giving you a really fast way to transfer routes to your Suunto watch. It all happens in seconds! You can then take advantage of its offline navigation capabilities to follow new routes you've planned. 

    Standard users can continue to transfer routes by downloading them in GPX format on a mobile device and then opening the GPX file with the Suunto app to import the route.

    For more detailed instructions have a look at our guide: How To Download A Route To A Suunto Watch

    For further details about Premium membership, please visit our Membership Options page.

    Please note, this is a BETA release at present, so let us know if you spot any bugs or issues.


    Suunto integration with

  • Peter Höglund   Thursday 14 Oct 2021 21:48:53

    Great work. I'm not a Suunto user myself, but I think it great when opening up to other apps. One day or another I maybe buy another and then it would be great to go on using plotaroute.

  • Guy Sprackland   Sunday 17 Oct 2021 12:29:05

    Wonderful stuff. I joined and became a premium member because of this.


    I tried this with a route yesterday and it works the same way as the built in Suunto routes, but the Suunto routes use a wpt type to display a routing arrow. Most of these don't seem to be in the list on the Suunto documentation page, but looking at the GPX include:


    Only Begin and End are in the Suunto list on the documentation page.



  • Guy Sprackland   Sunday 17 Oct 2021 12:35:40

    Just found wpt type:



  • plotaroute admin   Monday 18 Oct 2021 09:15:21

    Thanks Guy. As you say, turn arrows aren't documented in the list of waypoints that Suunto supports via their API, but we'll do some testing to see if they work. 

  • plotaroute admin   Tuesday 19 Oct 2021 15:05:07

    We've updated our Send Route to Suunto feature use these the turn arrow waypoint types listed below. On the tests we've done it does look like these are currently recognised by the API, giving you a "Turn-by-tern guidance" option in the Suunto app. Have a try...

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