How To Show Two Or More Routes On The Same Map

How to show two or more routes on one map using

It can sometimes be useful to show more than one route on the same map, for example, where alternative routes are available or where a detour is in place. You can do this using the Route Collection feature uniquely available on Follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Plot and save each route separately using the route planner.

  3. Select My Collections from the menus and click Create New Collection.

  4. Give the Route Collection a name and add any notes you want to display with it.

  5. Select the routes you want to show together by typing the names of each route and selecting them when they appear in the list (you can only add your own routes to a collection, not those belonging to other people).

    Select routes to show together on one map

  6. Save the Route Collection once you've chosen all the routes you want to display together.

  7. You can then view it and share it in the same way as you would an individual route.

  8. Each route will be shown in a different colour on the map, with a key below the map. You can toggle the display of individual routes using the switches in the Key. Colours are automatically chosen to be as different as possible given the number of routes in the collection. Use the Full Screen feature  to get the best view of all the routes.

    Example of a route collection

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