How To Share A List Of Your Public Routes

How to share a list of all your public routes mapped on

If you would like to share a list of some or all the public routes you've mapped on, you can do this by following these instructions.

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Go to your My Routes page - you can select this from the menus.

    My Routes option on the menus

  3. Select and apply any of the drop-down options and route tags that you want, in order to filter the list down to the ones you want to share. In the example below we have selected coastal walking routes, by using the "coastal" tag that we added to these routes when saving them and by selecting "Walking" as the activity type. 

    Selected routes

  4. Click the SHARE A LINK TO THESE ROUTES button above the list to get a link to these routes that you can share.

    Share a list of selected routes

    Any new routes that you create that meet your chosen selection criteria will automatically be available using the link you share, so in the example above, if we create another coastal walk, this will be available using the link we shared.

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