How To Download A Route's Elevation Profile

How to download a route's elevation profile

If you want to download an image of the elevation profile for a route mapped on, you can do this using the Route Profile tool. Follow these instructions.

  1. View the route.

  2. Scroll down to the Elevation Profile section and click on the EXPLORE HILLS IN MORE DETAIL button to launch the Route Profile tool.  You can also access this by selecting HILLS from the menu above the map and clicking on the button above the map's elevation profile.

    Elevation Profile on View Route page

  3. You'll then see a more detailed elevation profile for the route. If any labels were added to the map, these will be shown on the profile - you can hide these if you wish by clicking the CUSTOM LABELS button and turning off the ON/OFF switch. This is also where you can add more labels of your own before downloading it.

    Elevation Profile on Route Profile page

  4. If you want to show the profile for only part of the route, rather than all of it, you can select the relevant part using the sliders above the profile chart.  You can use the sliders at the side to apply smoothing.

  5. Choose the units of measurement you want to use then click the DOWNLOAD button.

  6. Select the format and size of the image you want to download and click DOWNLOAD to download the image file.

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