How To Import A Route Mapped Elsewhere

Importing a route to

If you would like to import a route onto that you have stored on another application, you can easily do this provided the other application has a way of exporting or downloading routes.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Download or export your route from the other application and save it on your computer.  If possible export the route in TCX format.  If TCX is not an option, please choose either GPX, KML or FIT. If possible export the route with any directions that are available - we cannot automatically generate missing directions for routes mapped elsewhere.

  2. Select Upload a Route from the menus on

  3. Select your saved file and click the UPLOAD button.

    Premium members can use the Snap to Map feature to align uploaded routes to the map, which fixes GPS recording errors and generates turn-by-turn directions. 

    Upload a route to

  4. Once uploaded the route will be displayed in the route planner once the uploading has finished.

  5. To save the route, sign in to your account and click Save.

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