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  • plotaroute admin   Saturday 15 Nov 2014 11:37:03

    We are very excited to announce the launch of another major new feature on - the Route Profile Tool.

    Route Profile Chart

    The new Route Profile Tool gives you a detailed analysis of the elevation profile for your route, with options to download, print and share the profile chart and the underlying elevation data. A comprehensive range of sliders and buttons give your control over the way the route profile is calculated and plotted, with options to filter out short bumps and to smooth the profile by sampling elevation readings less frequently. Detailed analysis of sections of the route is easy to do using the Section Selector slider and you can resize the map and chart panels to get a close up of the information you want.

    Labels can be added to the chart to show key points along the route like the highest point or longest uphill section and you can even add your own custom labels - for example, showing water stations if your route profile is for an event.

    It easy to share your route profile with our social sharing buttons and you can download it to an image or PDF file, for use on your own website or printed material if you wish.  Or you can simply share a direct link to the Route Profile Tool with your chosen settings.

    There are various links to the new Route Profile Tool thoughout, including the main Route Information page for each route. Look for this link: Route Profile Tool. Just one final note, if you are plotting a new route you will need to save it first to view it in the Route Profile Tool.

    To see an example have a look at the route profile for East Quantoxhead Coastal Circuit.

    Have fun checking out those hills!

    Update : We've just added support for vertical labels on the route profile chart and have fixed a few bugs that we've picked up.

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