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  • plotaroute admin   Friday 05 Nov 2021 08:33:02

    We've just released a new version of our route planner, which includes a few minor enhancements and bug fixes, the most significant of which is a new Redo button.

    Now you can redo what you just undid (we're just talking route planning here!). Most of us have probably done it - clicked UNDO too many times, so we then have to replot what we didn't mean to undo. Now you just need to click REDO. Even better, Premium members can take advantage of the Keyboard Shortcuts feature to use CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y to UNDO and REDO. If you want to use Keyboard Shortcuts you can activate this on your My Settings page.

    The new Redo Button is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of plotaroute.

    Redo button - redo what you didn't mean to undo

  • Mark Worthington   Friday 05 Nov 2021 15:07:56

    Nice addition, thanks!

  • Peter Höglund   Tuesday 09 Nov 2021 15:44:02

    Just needed it and used it this weekend.


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