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  • Liz & Tom   Wednesday 24 May 2023 14:16:51

    Thanks for that.  I've got it now after playing around with it a bit.  


  • plotaroute admin   Monday 22 May 2023 07:57:42

    Hi Liz and Tom,

    The Elevation Interval slider changes the gap between the elevation readings, so readings in between are ignored. If you change from "Chart" to "Data" you'll be able to see better how this works. You can use this to as a simple way to smooth the overall profile of the route.

    The Gradient Filter sets the maximum and minimum gradient between the readings, so that small elevation changes below the minimum gradient are ignored and large elevation changes above the maximum gradient are reduced. You can use this to filter out unexpectedly steep peaks and troughs as well as ignoring sections that are almost flat. 

    To show the maximum detail, the Elevation Interval slider should be set to the minimum value, the Minimum Gradient Filter should be set to 0% and the Maximum Gradient Filter to the maximum value. 

    Regarding the Ascent Filter, yes, a value of 1m will not have any effect - when set to 1m, changes of 1m or more (the minimum it can change by) are counted in the Filtered Ascent figure.

  • Liz & Tom   Sunday 21 May 2023 16:11:09

    I have just caught up with this upgrade in the calculation of ascent statistics when I noticed that the ascents in my earlier routes differed from those I had recorded in my own records.  No problem, I can  correct my own records so that I can still compare across routes. 

    Can you explain what the difference is between the elevation interval filter and the gradient filter?  Am I correct that if I want to capture all the undulations of a route in most detail, I should keep the filter sliders at their lowest level?  

    Finally, I notice when I set the ascent filter in the statistics above the route profile at its lowest level (1m or 3 ft), the Ascent (raw) and the Ascent (filtered) are the same.  Is this the default? 


  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 18 Jan 2023 12:38:31

    Hi Gary,

    It looks like it was only around the Wellington area where there was a problem - other parts of New Zealand appear to be OK, as far as we can tell. We've reverted the elevation data for this area and are recalculating the Ascent figures for affected routes. This update should complete over the next few days, but most of your routes should already now have the missing elevation data.

  • plotaroute admin   Wednesday 18 Jan 2023 09:12:00

    Thanks for flagging that up Gary. We'll investigate and report back asap.

  • Gary Dick   Wednesday 18 Jan 2023 02:13:06

    We seem to have lost the elevation profiles for most but not all of my existing routes (50+) as well as total ascent details.  These are primarily routes in southern North Island, New Zealand.  Have tried remapping some of those routes but still no joy!

    This loss of elevation information appears to significantly affect the estimated time figure to complete the route due to no adjustment being made for hills.  With some of our forest hikes this poses a safety issue due to hikes taking much longer than the current Plotaroute indicated time.

    Can you restore the old elevation data please until your upgrade can be successfully implemented?  


    Gary D.

  • plotaroute admin   Friday 30 Dec 2022 09:34:08

    Hi Lucas - thanks for your feedback. The profile charts are generated in realtime but the elevation statistics on the View Route  and My Routes pages (Ascent, Descent, etc.) are generated when the route is saved and are then saved with the route, so hence the need to update these to maintain consistency.

  • Lucas Sichardt   Friday 30 Dec 2022 07:44:43

    Hello and thanks a lot - for Plotaroute and for this update as well!

    For sure this is an enhancement for many routes. The more accurate the elevation data is, the less little unaccurancy in the GPS data of routes and maps can cause wierd effects. Especially in areas with a steep and changing landscape this makes a huge difference - when tracks are situated in the middle of a steep dliff along a valley for instance. 
    So, I'm really curious about the effect on some of my routes...

    There's still one question I have when thinking about the things you wrote here:
    Some time ago we were talking about elevation profiles as I suggested using (barometric) elevation data of uploaded GPS trackes when the GPS device provides them. This could correct misleading elevation profiles which are produced by using global elevation data instead of a real measurement for example qhen the route uses a high bridge over a deep valley. Also tunnels are a real problem (perhaps we should really have the possibility to override the elevation profile in user defined bridge or tunnel segments and replace them by a linear expolation). But this is not the right place to discuss this.
    At that time you told me that Plotaroute calculates elevation profiles on the way and that all routes would be enhanced at one time when new global elevation data is available. Now you tell that there's the need to calculate data for all existing routes again to take advantage of the elevation data update.
    So I guess there's a difference between the elevation profile shown when using the elevation profile tool or opening the route's details page on one hand and the statistics in tables like "My Routes" or when using the search on the other hand. IS this right?


    Best regards, 



  • plotaroute admin   Thursday 29 Dec 2022 16:42:54

    Hi Antonio - we're investigating, it looks like there may be a data void in your area with the new data. If so, we'll revert back to the old data for that area.

  • Paul Toigo   Thursday 29 Dec 2022 16:16:00

    @Antonio Ratao

    Click on "Hills"




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