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14 Mile Marathon Step Back

by Harry Campbell
6 years ago
Near Utica, US
1. Start at the Parkway Rec Center. Go up to Valley View Rd. Turn right onto Valley View Rd.
2. Follow Valley View Rd. to Steele Hill Rd. (the entrance to the golf course). Turn right onto Steele Hill Rd.
3. Follow the road as it curves through the golf course. A short distance along the road there will be a fork. Stay to the right. The left road goes up into the switchbacks. Stay on Steele Hill Rd. You will reach another road that goes right. Stay to the left and follow this up past the eagle. Continue down to Oneida St. Turn right on Oneida St.
4. Follow Oneida St. to the Parkway. Turn left on the Parkway.
5. Follow the Parkway to Genesee St. Turn left on Genesee St.
6. Follow Genesee St. to Higby Rd. Turn left on Higby Rd.
7. Follow Higby Rd to Oneida St. Turn right on Oneida St.
8. Follow Oneida St, go past Kellogg Rd and continue on Oneida St to Oxford Rd. Turn right on Oxford Rd.
9. Follow Oxford Rd. to Genesee St. Turn right on Genesee St.
10. Follow Genesee St. to Higby Rd. Turn right on Higby Rd.
11. Follow Higby Rd. to Oneida St. Turn left on Oneida St.
12. Follow Oneida St. to the Parkway. Turn right on the Parkway.
13. Go to the your starting point. Done.

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DISTANCE 14.007 miles
800 ft (41%)
800 ft (39%)
14 Mile Marathon Step Back

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14 Mile Marathon Step Back
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