How To Track Your Position On A Route Map

How to track your position on a route map on a smartphone

If you have a smartphone with GPS capabilities, you can track where you are on a route mapped on using your mobile device. The mobile map viewer doesn't have full navigation capabilities, but it can certainly help to ensure you don't get lost!

To track your position on a route map, follow these instructions:

  1. Select and view the route on your mobile device.

  2. Touch the tracker icon in the corner of the map. This will activate GPS tracking and display a blue dot on the map to indicate your current position, surrounded by a shaded blue circle to show the location accuracy. The tracker icon will spin to indicate that tracking is turned on .

  3. After your device has obtained a GPS signal, the the blue circle should become smaller, indicating improved accuracy.

  4. As you move around the route, the blue dot will move show your current position.

  5. To turn tracking off, touch the tracker icon again.





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