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GM Ringway 8 Broadbottom To Greenfield 2023

by Andrew Read
3 years ago
Near Tameside, GB
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Stage 8 of the GM Ringway, the new long-distance trail for Greater Manchester, is an adventurous route that ventures high into the Dark Peak. With its spectacular scenery, it has a feel of the Scottish Highlands in places.

Highlights include:
- Two lovely old lanes, with panoramic views across the Etherow and Longdendale valleys
- A ancient-seeming track that climbs into the Peak District National Park via an old stone bridge
- A brief trackless section through the appropriately named 'Wilderness' – the highest point of the entire GM Ringway trail
- Breathtaking views over Saddleworth's Chew Valley
- A leisurely finish via Chew Piece Plantation, the only remaining area of long-standing deciduous woodland near Dove Stones Reservoir.

The route, which is suitable for experienced walkers with good mapreading and navigation skills, requires good visibility. It includes a considerable amount of ascent (535 m / 1755 ft) and descent and crosses high ground, including some rough, trackless terrain. Parts of the route are likely to be muddy or boggy depending on the season.

We have reinstated the main route here via Carr House south of Woolley Bridge as the alternative via Mottram Church can become impassable with mud.

There are no facilities until the end of the route though pubs and cafes are available by walking east along the A57 from Woolley Bridge. However, an optional (and pretty) diversion is shown at the start of the route that includes the cafe, farm shop and toilets at Lymefield Garden Centre near Broadbottom.

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DISTANCE 11.694 miles
1807 ft (47%)
1699 ft (45%)
GM Ringway 8 Broadbottom To Greenfield 2023

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GM Ringway 8 Broadbottom To Greenfield 2023
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