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GM Ringway 2 Sale WP To Didsbury Village 2023

by Andrew Read
3 years ago
Near Sale Moor, GB
Stage 2 of the GM Ringway, Greater Manchester's long-distance trail, follows a series of tranquil, traffic-free footpaths through the Mersey Valley greenbelt of South Manchester.

Highlights include:
- The wildlife and greenery of Chorlton Water Park
- The trees and birdlife of Kenworthy Woods
- An especially pretty meander of the River Mersey
- An old country lane near Didsbury village
- Fletcher Moss Park, one of the most attractive and varied areas of parkland in Manchester.

This section has now been revised to finish at Didsbury Village Metrolink station rather than East Didsbury, reducing the amount of roadside walking on this and the following stage.

Note that the latter parts of the stage close to the Mersey in Didsbury can be flooded after heavy rain. If this is the case, please follow the diversions indicated.

As of February/March 2024, Bailey's Bridge between Chorlton Water Park and Kenworthy Woods is closed for repair. Please therefore stay on the riverside path using the diversion indicated until the bridge is reopened.

A simple diversion along the riverbank is also shown when Kenworthy/Bailey Bridge (between Chorlton Water Park and Kenworthy Woods) is closed. This was the case in February 2024, for example.

The stage links Sale Water Park and Didsbury Village Metrolink stations. At present (early 2023(, dogs are permitted on Metrolink tram services. If this changes, however, for those with dogs the start is a short walk from bus stops on Hardy Lane, Chorlton or Old Hall Lane, Sale while East Didsbury rail station is not far from the end. Buses also run from Didsbury back to Chorlton & elsewhere.

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DISTANCE 6.543 miles
187 ft (32%)
150 ft (27%)
GM Ringway 2 Sale WP To Didsbury Village 2023

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GM Ringway 2 Sale WP To Didsbury Village 2023
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