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We're giving away a year's free Premium membership to the best new art submitted each month.

We'll be judging entries on creativity and originality but it's largely for fun, so anything that makes people smile is great! The winning entries will be featured in the gallery.

Art Gallery Guidelines

Follow these guidelines and tips when designing GPS Art for our gallery:
  • draw objects or letters
  • stay on permitted roads and paths
  • make it original
  • make the object evident
  • look for patterns on the map
  • look for unusual road layouts
  • it's easier on larger screens
  • keep it clean!

Start Drawing

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GPS Art Gallery

Our GPS Art gallery showcases routes designed by plotaroute users in the shape of real-world objects.

This is a new section on our website, so please send in your own creation. The best ones will feature here in our gallery.

Click on the images to see the full route details and watch it redrawn before your eyes!


Send in your own creation!