How To Download An Image Or Picture Of A Route Map

How to download an image of a route map from

If you need an image or picture of your route map to include on your website or in a document, you can download an image in one of a number of common image formats. Follow these instructions.

  1. Select and view the route. If you are viewing a route on your mobile device, select the option to view the interactive map.

  2. Select DOWNLOAD from the menu above the map.

    Select DOWNLOAD from the route map menu

  3. Select Image and then choose what you want to use the image for. The Facebook and Twitter options default to recommended image dimensions for these applications, but you can choose your own dimensions by choosing the Custom option.

    Download route as an image

  4. Choose the file type, image dimensions and whether you want to add a title to the image, and then click the Download button to generate and download the image.

  5. Our download images use open source maps that are not subject to copyright restrictions on redistribution provided they are not modified to remove any accreditations, so you are free to include the image in any online of offline publications.
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