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Great features...

Our route planner has lots of great features to make route planning simple.

  • large uncluttered map
  • automatic route plotting
  • off-road routing
  • "Make Me a Route" function
  • foot/cycle path maps
  • easy route editing
  • upload routes you've recorded
  • put "Video Maps" on your website
  • automatically generated directions
  • print and download options

Also for mobile devices...

Mobile Route PlannerYou can also use on your mobile device without the need to download an app. Just go to in your mobile web browser.

Read more in our news post about this.

Quick start video...

Watch our route planner in action...

More videos under the Tutorials menu.

Latest News - Monday 06 Mar 2017

Share Photos of Your Routes

Route photo sharing

We are delighted to announce the launch of another major new feature on - photo sharing. This has been one of the most popular new feature requests from users of the site, so we are very pleased to be able to make this available.

You can upload photos for any routes that you've saved - just click the new "PHOTOS" option in the route planner when editing the route - either on your computer or your mobile device. You can also sort the photos in any order you like for a slideshow and add captions too.  And you can locate photos on the map if you wish, with a clickable camera icon.

Once photos have been uploaded they can be viewed together with the route map on the route listing page, which is easy to share. Here you can take advantage of the route player's fullscreeen option to view a fullscreen slideshow of all the photos.

Here's an example of a route with photos: Kilimanjaro Machame Route with photos.

Happy photo sharing!

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Route Planning Made Easy has lots of great plotting and editing features to help you to plot routes quickly and easily.

Back To The Start

Plots the shortest path back to the start

Same Route Back

Plots return leg of an
out-and-back route

Rejoin Route Home

Plots return leg via a selected point

Delete Section

Deletes a selected range of points

Replot Section

Replot a section of the route

Measure Section

Measures a section of the route

Reverse Route

Switches the start
and end of the route

Move Start Point

Move the start/finish of a circular route

Repeat a Route

Plots extra laps of a circular route

Repeat a Loop

Plots extra loops in the middle of a route

Delete Homestretch

Delete first/final leg to your house

Combine Routes

Join together two or more existing routes

Plot With Waypoints

Plots a route using draggable waypoints

Make Me a Route

Plots suggested routes for you!

You can find our more about some of these route planner features in our video tutorials (see Tutorials menu above).


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