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    plotaroute admin   Monday 20 Oct 2014 15:10:27

    Hi Tom - Someone else recently reported the same problem on another post (see here).  I think we've now managed to resolve it, so hopefully you should be able to display your routes OK now - let us know if not.  This would also explain the error you were getting when saving a route as your list of routes is refreshed after saving a route.

    Thanks for the nice feeback about the site by the way :-)



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    Tom Cuda   Sunday 19 Oct 2014 19:55:27

    I am using WIN7 & Firefox.

    And yes, it is the best route planner on the web!


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    Tom Cuda   Sunday 19 Oct 2014 19:54:11

    I do have a very similiar problem! Can not load any route through the menu "Routes - My Routes" or when editing mode "More - My Routes". i only get the failure you see in the screenshot.

    Also, whenever I save a route the same failure pops up. It it always saved though. But I can only open them through the home page right now.

    Failure saving a route


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    plotaroute admin   Sunday 19 Oct 2014 12:45:38

    Hi Reinhart - Thanks for great feedback about the site, glad you're finding it easy to use.

    There shouldn't be any limit on the number of routes you can save, so I'm not sure where the message is coming from saying that you can only save 100 routes.    Also, as you only have 2 routes saved at present, this doesn't seem to stack up.  Would you be able to let me know what the exact error message is please so that I can do a search for it?

    With regard to the parsing error, both your routes loaded OK for me, so I'm not sure how this error is recreated.  Cn you give me some more information about this one please?

    I can also confirm that the plotted route itself will not be affected by deleting the directions, but once you have deleted them you can only get them back by replotting the route.




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    Reinhart Bigl Saturday 18 Oct 2014 16:17:50

    HI there, first of all, thanks for making this site available.  I find it to be by far the best, easiest to use mapping/plotting site!

    I am plotting an extended tour I did a few weeks ago, with almost 600 directions.

    Seems that Plotaroute is having a problem saving my route today...indicating that it is unable to parse the data.


    Also, when I tried to save as a new route, I am informed that I can only save up to a maximum of 100 routes...and that if I can delete routes in order to save.


    - is there a way I can save my route as is in using an alternate method?

    - if I delete route descriptions, will that alter the plotted route???  (my route is so intricate that I am afraid to try for fear messing up this route that I've taken so long to plot).




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