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    plotaroute admin   Thursday 06 Nov 2014 17:59:24

    Thanks again for the great feedback Gareth.  I'm glad you're finding the GPS tracker useful on our mobile route player.  I guess we haven't promoted this feature much as it lacks the full navigation capabilities that you would expect from a satnav type app - it's mainly there to help confirm your location when you need to check the route.  However, if you're finding it's useful for live navigation too, that's great.  We'll see if we can maybe flag up this feature a a bit more.  

    Thanks again.




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    Gareth Lumby Thursday 06 Nov 2014 12:51:44

    Not so much a bug or a problem as much as maybe you need to advertise what your app can do, as I discovered functionality I wasn't aware of, and it was a lifesaver (well maybe not that dramatic)

    I knew that when I created a route I could share it, and provide a link to an interactive view. You get a nice animated point that traverses the route, as well as options to display elevation and route directions. So I sent myself a link so I would have it with me on my iPhone, and could refer to the directions if and when I was unsure on directions. What I was unaware of is the fact that if you press the GPS locator button it will find you on the route (hopefully!) and then as you move, moves the map along with you, so you can see when junctions are coming up and which way you need to go to follow your chosen route. I was in the back roads in the middle of nowhere yesterday, in completely alien territory, and rather than have to stop and check my directions at junctions I could use Plotaroute like a GPS satnav. Its nice to know you are still heading in the right direction when you don't know the country at all.

    I was amazed that something that displayed in my browser on my iPhone could do that. I thought 'interactive' referred to the fact that it had buttons you could click for different views, not that it could determine where you are and move the map around with you. I might not be the only person who did not realise this, so you might have even more potential users out there?

    It even worked alongside Cyclemeter, which was running in the background. I thought one of them might demand exclusive access to the GPS signal and kill the other, but they both tolerated each other and no data was lost. Obviously, battery life is a consideration if using it continually, but thankfully that wasn't an issue for me yesterday.

    I had the app pegged as 'very useful for planning rides' but perhaps not so usable once you are on the bike, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

    Thanks again


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