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    Colin Hoppe   Saturday 19 Jan 2019 13:06:43

    As this old thread has just been posted to again, I have re-read my post from 2016.  In that, I said I used Track Navigator for audio navigation following routes plotted on Plotaroute. 

    I'd like to update that by saying that I've not used Track Navigator for 8 months because I now use Bike Tracker from PC Ability.  It's much better, very flexible and provides performance information on route.

    Note that these apps are only for Android and only for audio ie an earpiece, so you don't need to look at anything. 

    Bike Tracker does have a map showing current position.  You'll need to be online to see the map, BUT the app is so good I've not needed a map since I started using it.  If you miss a turn, it tells you how to get back on track.

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    Michael van der Mout Friday 18 Jan 2019 15:36:48

     Do you have an app for my iPhone 

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    plotaroute admin   Tuesday 18 Apr 2017 10:35:06

    Thanks for the feedback Tim - that is very helpful.  Just so you are aware, you can indeed see your position on a route on the mobile website.  When you view your route map on a mobile device there is a tracker icon in the bottom right corner of the map - touch this to activate the tracker and touch it again to deactivate it.


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    Tim Blackwell   Monday 17 Apr 2017 23:35:40

    Just to echo Andy Owen's comments on this one I think.

    Why do I need an app instead of the mobile site?  Because it shows my route (selected from a list of my routes) on the map, and most importantly it shows where I am on the map while I'm out and about. My position is kept updated.  As far as I'm aware the mobile site won't do that.  I can (and do) download a gpx and upload it to a different app - conveniently one that stores map data offline, although most of the time I'm in town with a good signal so that isn't really an issue - but for many people downloading/uploading, worrying about formats and GPX types is a deal breaker.

    I generally don't like mobile apps and would prefer to use my browser, but GPS is one aspect where I want to get full integrated use of my device hardware.  So for me I would like an app which does the following:

    1) Display list of routes (mine, or bookmarked, whatever).

    2) Display selected route overlaid on map (google map, whatever).

    3) Also display my position (and ideally track my position, zoom to my position, etc).

    Just to be clear I have no requirement to edit/plot routes in an app.  The website is excellent for that and that's why I use it, but the problem is when I then want to use my routes.  I also have no desire for voice navigation while out running/cycling/whatever.


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    Greater Roadrunner Friday 17 Mar 2017 00:29:10

    There is one already and you can export your GPX files to Plotaroute! :) Does everything you want and offline! So its perfectly compatible with Plotaroute! Would this help?


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    Andy Owen Monday 16 Jan 2017 15:19:53

    OK, so my twopeneth...


    What I want to do is plot routes on my PC (so tick to plotaroute) and use my Phone to guide me through the route via a map with turns, etc... I don't need voice feedback (atually HATE that)...
    So far I've tried various tricks, mainly involving downloading the track from PlotaRoute and uploading to another service (e.g. Mapmy...) so I can get the route on my phone.
    What I WANT is offline maps with the turns etc.. on it. BUT without having to faff between various apps/websites.
    I HAVE used Plotaroute mobile website with paths on walks many a time, BUT it doesn't seem to follow where I am unless I reload the page completely, unless I am missing something...
    Ramblr ALMOST seems to do what I need, but I don't like its plotting interface...
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    Colin Hoppe   Tuesday 09 Aug 2016 22:10:57

    @ Willy

    Yes, Track Navigator only navigates plotted tracks and nothing more, so as you say it's simple to use.  The only configuration option is metres or feet (yes, feet, not yards.  I therefore use metres as the numbers are smaller ...)

    For me, the screen is blank (apart from the plotted track) and that is fine as I don't look at it - I just listen.  It knows where I am on that plotted track and directs me accordingly.


    As for Locus, the thought of having to study a manual is slightly off-putting, so I'll give that a miss but thank  you for mentioning it :)


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    Willy Van Driessche Monday 01 Aug 2016 16:34:33

    In reply to Colin.  Android apps and perfect turn by turn navigation using .tcx files.

    1. Excelllent and very simple to use app: Track Navigator ! Uses online maps or simply a blank.


    2. Locus map.  (Free and Pro).  The online manual:  http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=:main&redirect=1


    Excellent app that understands .tcx navigation. Instructions by TTS or by simple beep or by simple loud and clear Morse sign for L/R/S...(= very limited so no morse training necessary ;-)

    Uses online or offline 'vector' maps and more and more.

    Reading the online manual is a MUST to understand all available features ! =  A lot !  

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    plotaroute admin   Monday 18 Jul 2016 14:06:51

    Thanks Colin - that's very helpful feedback.


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    Colin Hoppe   Sunday 17 Jul 2016 17:39:52

    I suspect most people posting here will be those who want a new app, so I thought it wouldn't do any harm to confirm that I don't need an app for route plotting.

    I've got a 24" screen at home and I certainly wouldn't try plotting a route on a phone regardless of how good the app might be, because I want to be able to see the big picture ...


    As for following the plotted route, I only use voice navigation and that is using the Android Track Navigator app.  (An alternative app is OSMAND)

    So there are already apps that do the job I want.  For me, Track Navigator works perfectly.

    I also use the Endomondo app, but that is just to record the history of routes that I ride so I can look back at where, when, route details and calories.

    So, if I was looking for something better, then that would be an app which both follows the plotted route AND keeps a history, so I only have to run one app.


    Before anyone tells me that I can already do the two things with a single app, I should mention that the above apps are free.

    Track Navgator is always free.  OSMAND is free for my requirements including downloading some maps to use offline.

    Endomondo is also free for my requirements and that's because I have absolutely no interest in the functionality relating to sharing data and competing against anyone else.

    For many people, I'm sure apps like Strava are indispensable and already has lots of users to compete against.

    Any new Plotaroute app might have to be good enough to draw people away from those already established apps to make it viable ...