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    Colin Hoppe   Thursday 11 Aug 2016 16:19:01

    @ Steve

    If you are used to using Plotaroute on the PC, you can still plot the route on your PC > save it > download it to your PC > plug your phone into the PC (mine lets me see the folders on the phone) > copy or move the route to a folder on your phone.


    This means you can edit the route on the PC screen (bigger than the phone presumably) before downloading it ...

    I select download to a file > then select the options below ... this allows me to follow the route using Track Navigator

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    plotaroute admin   Tuesday 09 Aug 2016 11:16:01

    Hi Steve - You can view the map on your mobile phone and turn on the tracking option (touch icon in bottom right corner of the map) to show your position, which should help with following a route.  However, we don't have a full-blown navigation app of our own.  As Willy mentioned below, there are several navigation apps on the app stores that accept TCX route files, so it is possible to download your route as a TCX file and then open it with one of these apps to navigate it.  For Android, Track Navigator has been mention by other users and also OSMAnd.

    Hope that helps.


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    Willy Van Driessche Monday 08 Aug 2016 15:03:29

    To be Navigated ?  Install simple to use android app: Track Navigator.


    By Plotaroute mobile: Produce design and download:  As gps-> tcx course (with coursepoints) -> max coursepoints "n/a" -> turnwarnings "No"

    Open the dwonloaded  file tcx course with coursepoints by Track Navigator. 

    When first time tapping  .tcx file Track Navigator will offer service. Otherwise, open in TN directly.

    Start Navigation navigated by simple TTS instructions.


    Track Navigator Tips from website:

    In the recent tracks list, long press a track to bring up an option to remove it from the list

    Tap the waypoint description to zoom to the waypoint

    Long press waypoint description to open the waypoint in Google Maps

    When in navigation mode, tap the waypoint distance indicator to show the progress adjustment dialog

    When in navigation mode, tap the next waypoint description (highlighted blue) to make it so the next waypoint and current location are always in view together


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    Deleted User Monday 08 Aug 2016 11:13:27

    I am very familiar with Plotaroute as I use it often with my PC.


    I am now trying with my Samsung Phone for the first time.


    I have used the phone to plot and save a route and can open the saved route.  But as stupid this sounds, I cannot work out how to run the route on my phone so I can follow it.


    Someone put me out of my misery please.

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