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    plotaroute admin   Sunday 21 Aug 2016 20:20:46

    Not sure about this one Frank.  It sounds like the GPS is rerouting using the waypoints.  Can anyone else help?


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    frank irvine Tuesday 16 Aug 2016 22:35:32

    Here is my situation. I am plotting many motorcycle routes using Plot a Route. I am attempting to plot my routes using as little freeways as possible, I am trying to create routes using twisty roads. Now this is probably more a Garmin Zumo question, but I find knowlegable people are on this site so i thought i would throw my question out here.

    Seeing i am plotting these routes to use specific roads when i import them into my Garmin Zumo using GArmin Basecamp I find if i have my Zumo preferences to AVOID HIWAYS then the GPS will not follow my planned route and go on the hiway when i want it to. The same holds true when i turn HIWAYS ON the GPS will try to take me onto the hiway before my route should be going on the hiway.

    I do try to put my waypoints in spots so the GPS will them, but why go by a waypoint if it can be detoured right?
    I figure the GPS is trying to do what it was made to do, get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

    Hope i am clear with my question.
    Any thoughts?

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