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    Charlotte at plotaroute   Monday 15 Aug 2016 19:36:07

    Hi Carol,

    Do you have an 'Edit this route' button at the top of the map? You'll need to click this first to edit the directions if you're viewing a route you've previously created.


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    Carol Machuga Monday 15 Aug 2016 16:45:26

    Hello there!   I am trying to add points of interest to my map, but I don't see the edit button in the directions/notes section - what am I missing?

    thank you!


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    plotaroute admin   Friday 09 Jan 2015 10:48:45

    Thanks for the nice feedback Steve.  You can add notes like POI's in the Directions Panel on the route planner.  Cick on the Directions option from the Action Bar in the bottom left corner of the route planner map (DIR'NS) and then click the Add/Edit button in the Directions Panel to add or edit notes.  A marker will appear on the map that you can drag to where you want the notes to be and you can add a symbol if you like (click on the symbol next to the Show Map Symbol tick box to choose a different one).

    Hope that helps.



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    Deleted User Thursday 08 Jan 2015 10:08:37

    Thanks for making it so much easier to download routes onto my Garmin Edge Touring. What a massive difference has made.


    I would like to add points of interest to my routes so that when I arrive at them it tells me on my screen what the point of interest is.  Can this be done?



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