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    plotaroute admin   Monday 20 Feb 2017 10:09:40

    Hi John - I'm afraid we don't have that device here so it's not easy to provide support for it but if you can send over example KML files so that I can compare them I'll have a look into it to try to work out what might be causing the problem.  I'll email you directly with and address to send them to.


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    Deleted User Monday 20 Feb 2017 00:24:00

    I posted this perhaps erroneously in the 'How do I...' thread as well.

    Routes I have created in Plotaroute and exported to KML file and then imported into IGO Primo are jumbled with erratic results.

    I created a route on a site similar to Plotaroute ( and exported out to a KML file, which I then uploaded in a similar manner to the Plotaroute version, and it works perfectly, proving I have no basic GPS problem.

    Now I accept that perhaps I am doing something wrong in creating these routes in Plotaroute, and I hope that is the case, because Plotaroute is easily the better tool for this work, but at present it repeatedly confuses the hell out of IGO Primo so that it jumbles the order of the waypoints, really crazy stuff.  This results in IGO displaying the route but ignoring it, sometimes in favour of heading straight to the destination, or even back home!

    The structure of the KML file from Plotaroute is completely different to that of either Motogoloco or Tyre, another route creator, which may mean nothing, but importantly, IGO can read both of them and not Plotaroute's KML.

    I hope someone from Plotaroute reads this and can offer some suggestions as to the cause.

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