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    plotaroute admin   Friday 12 May 2017 10:19:37

    That's a good suggestion Martyn - thank you.  I've added it to our Feature Requests list (number 70).


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    Martyn Sandford   Thursday 11 May 2017 20:54:03

    I've recently been testing out some of my routes 'in the field' using the printed output and discovered that there seems to be no way of relating a direction to its location on the map?!  This makes the printed directions almost impracticable to use.  The ID number for each direction really needs to appear on the map.

    I know distance markers are there and these are helpful but it is really the direction IDs that are essential.

    I wonder if there could be an option, at the printing stage, to print 1) distance markers, 2) direction IDs or 3) both.  To avoid confusion, perhaps distance markers could be in black text in white circles (as at present) and direction IDs in white text in black circles?

    The direction IDs could also be useful when viewing the map on-line but at least on-line it is possible to hover over a direction to see where the marker pops up. On printed output there is no way to see the connection.

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