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    Colin Hoppe   Sunday 14 Apr 2019 15:11:37

    Hello Christine

    Take a look at this post


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    Colin Hoppe   Sunday 14 Apr 2019 14:59:14

    Hello Christine

    I'm afraid I don't know any iphone apps


    As for suggestions ... I've tried Osmand in the past and although it works insofar as it will guide me along a route, I found that Osmand a) talks too much, b) doesn't read my "direction" text (it makes up it's own from looking at the map) and c) is very complicated ...     So I would suggest (on Android) using Bike Tracker instead.  check this post


    Also, for iphone, although I know nothing about them, is it not just a matter of downloading from Plotaroute in the format those apps need ?  There are several options on the Plotaroute Download screen ...

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    Christine Chmielewski   Sunday 14 Apr 2019 13:57:36

    Hi Folks! I love using plotaroute. I have successfully downloaded the maps to my Android device on osmand app. However, my hiking friends are iphone people and I cannot seem to find an app that will allow me to open the maps from plotaroute on their device. I have used avenza maps, osmand and gpx viewer in their devices and have yet to be able to open the download. Clearly I am doing somethibg wrong.... Any help or suggestions?? Thank you!

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    sharon james Sunday 24 Feb 2019 01:14:44

    Hi, Is anyone using an app called HEMA to open up their saved routes so they can actually drive/ride/walk the route?

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    lyle cane Wednesday 16 Jan 2019 21:45:30

    Thanks very much for your help.

    Hopefully i can find a website that can do this.

    Ive got a Fitness tracker which connects to an app called veryfitpro, but it dosent send you emails and for some reason on my phone, i cant register.

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    Colin Hoppe   Wednesday 16 Jan 2019 09:11:28


    Thanks John.

    Is it possible that u update Ploraroute so we can set targets and recieve email notifications when we have reached (e.g 5k, 10k, 20k)

    Kind Regards


    Lyle ... here's a bunch to check out.

    I've not looked at any of them for years so any of them might do what you want for all I know ...

    Google Fit
    Map My Ride
    Map My Tracks
    Ride with GPS


    Lyle - one more thing ... I use Endomondo to keep track of how many miles I do a month.

    I use the free version.  It's on my phone so keeps a record of mileage.  

    I also use the website and it shows me statistics by the month (or week, year etc) 

    It doesn't send me an email, but I really don't need an email as I can see how many miles I've done that month both on the phone and on the website.


    When I was looking a apps 2 or 3 years ago, I picked Endomondo as the app and website are simple, clear and did all I needed just using the free version, so it might be a good one for you to look at.


    Good luck


    That would be good but it's blocked on my laptop.

    Have you got any other good websites. I really want a better website that you can c how many miles uve done a day, month, and year.

    Thanks for your help.



    Day, Week, Month, Year is all available clicking the mouse from one to another.

    If I were you, I'd find out why it doesn't run on your laptop ...


    I could try on the other computer, but do i just go on it when i have been for a walk, cycle...

    Hope this makes sense


    Hi Kyle

    Firsly, put Endomondo onto your phone, create and account and sign in.

    You can create an account either directly on your or via the Endomondo website on your laptop.

    On the phone, start it to record each time you go out.  It will save the route you travel as a map, and give info on distance, time, moving time, calories etc.  It will also show a history of the same.  I have monthly totals.

    (You need the GPS turned on, of course, but you do not need live mobile data)


    Personally, I download routes from Plotaroute in TCX format onto my phone.   If you want to do that, install Bike Tracker onto an Android phone - read this

    At the start of a ride, I start Bike Tracker which guides me along the plotted route

    I then start Endomondo which records the activity and automatically sends the info to the Endomondo website (this happens when I get home and it auto connects to the wifi - I do not use mobile data for this) 


    I use one earpiece and listen for the turn info on Bike Tracker (this also gives info on time, speed, distance etc)

    At the end of the ride, I look at the Endomondo website and put in the name of the route I just did. (Go to History and overwrite the default name)

    Actually, you can load your route onto Endomondo and select it at the start of the ride.  I don't do that - I can't remember why - long time since I tried it, but I've got lots of routes and it's much better, I think, to plot routes on Plotaroute.


    So, if I were you ...

    a) Install Endomondo on a phone, preferably Andoid (because Bike Tracker doesn't run on Apple) 

    b) Create an Endomondo account - you could actually do that through the phone instead of the laptop (but I'd check why you can't use Endomondo on the laptop - it's just a website)

    c) Install Bike Tracker onto an Android phone to guide you round (it doesn't record the kind of details that Endomondo does ... it just guides BUT it does give info of your choice on the way) 

    d) Export a route from Plotaroute in TCX format (select Turn Warnings=No) - plug phone into laptop and put the route in the relevant folder

    Bike Tracker ... see the link I pasted above

    Endomondo - there are plenty of settings - it will also give you info on the way round - personally, I turn off that info and just listen to the Bike Tracker info


    Good Luck !



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