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    plotaroute admin   Thursday 21 May 2020 08:25:43

    Adding support for detours in route collections would be technically very complicated and could also result in quite a confusing map, so we have no plans to do this at present.

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    Scott Stocking   Wednesday 20 May 2020 23:11:20

    Any plans to support detours in the collections function??  or is it technically a "no go" ?  


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    plotaroute admin   Wednesday 12 Jun 2019 08:57:44

    Yes, sorry, detours are not supported in Route Collections - it should display the route without any of its detours.


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    Tour McTour   Wednesday 12 Jun 2019 04:14:03

    Nice find Nick, having created a whole lot of routes and then tried to stick them all together in the first collection I've created I couldn't work out why only some were appearing. It seems that for me the alternate routes were not only not allowing that route to show up in the collection but also stopping ones further down the list. Once I deleted all alternate options from all routes though it worked, so thanks for figuring that out!

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    Nick Tippey   Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 11:30:07

    Hi, I created a route with a shortcut option and then tried to add it to a collection with another (shorter) route and the display does not appear to combine the routes.. 
    First time I've used the shortcut feature in a route and tried to add to a collection.. 
    Thanks Nick

    Route Collection: H4_Tues_190219

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