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    plotaroute admin   Thursday 11 Jul 2019 08:59:37

    2019 User SurveyThank you to everyone who took part in our 2019 User Survey. We had an excellent response with lots of very useful feedback. We'll be using this to help plan future developments for the site.

    We're delighted to say that the overwhelming feedback was extremely positive, from first impressions to your ongoing experience - you scored us particularly highly for our route planning features, the range and quality of maps and value for money, with over 85% of you giving us 8 or more out of 10 for these.

    There were a wide variety of comments, but there were also some common themes that kept coming up. Many of you said that you find very useful, easy to use and also powerful - with a number describing it as the best route planner available. The wide choice of maps, map layers, Google Street View, off-road routing, easy export options and flexible editing tools were often cited as the most popular features or advantages of over alternative route planners.

    When it came to changes you'd like to see, quite a few people said that you like the site how it is now and wanted us to avoid making it more complicated. This is important to us too, as we're very keen to avoid sacrificing ease of use when adding more features. One person said "Please don't "Dumb" it down - it is so easy to use now" and another said "Genuinely one of the most intuitive tools out in the market and I have used many". However, we do hope to pick up some of the suggestions and issues that came up. We can't promise to implement everything but these are some of the most common things you wanted us to look at:

    • adding a toolbar in the route planner (for quick access to editing tools)
    • improving the map location search tool
    • addressing occasional navigaton quirks (e.g. the redundant "Edit This Route" button)
    • making it easier to add or check waypoint coordinates
    • making all footpaths routable
    • adding direct access to Google Street View (without the split-screen)
    • adding more map choices (e.g. Ordnance Survey)
    • making some of the more complex features easier to use
    • extending the UNDO history to be able to undo more actions!

    There were also a few minor bugs that people flagged up, which we will look into.

    Lastly, we did laugh at one reply to the question about other route planners that you use - the response was "No, you're the only route planner in my life"! That sums up our goal - we'd like to be the only route planner you'll need, so we'll keep working hard to try to achieve this. Thanks again for all your feedback and ongoing support.

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