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    plotaroute admin   Friday 26 Jul 2019 07:47:57

    Hi Jeanne - it can sometimes be tricky to select sections of an out-and-back route to edit as the outbound and return sections overlap. You may need to separate the sections slightly at the points where you are trying to select, which you can do using the Drag Points feature.  We definitely haven't changed the way the Delete Section feature works in this latest update (or the Replot Section), so I'm guessing that this is the issue.  When selecting the section to edit, you need to move your mouse over the line of the route and click when it changes from the crosshair to a hand symbol - the green and red markers should appear as normal once both have been selected.


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    Jeanne Miller   Friday 26 Jul 2019 02:33:02

    Hi - I've been a Premium member for a while and thought I was pretty good at things - and then the Update came along.

    I walked a route using a GPS and uploaded the route to Plotaroute to edit it.  I want to delete an out-and-back section of the route.  I've tried the "Delete Section" button on the toolbar and it prompts me with a "Click start and end of the section to edit".  Before, I'd have the slider bar at the bottom of the page, with green Start and red End markers, showing me what sections were editable.  That's not showing up at all for me anymore.

    I watched the video and tried the "Replot Section" button, thinking maybe I had to do that before I could delete a section.  My sliders aren't showing up.  I can't click on the solid line route to make the sliders appear.  When I clicked on "Drag Mode" I did get the slider bar back and can adjust the green and red markers, but they don't stick around when I go to try to delete that section.

    I'm attaching a copy of the route in Drag Mode, showing the slider at the bottom.  How can I get the Delete Section function to work again?  Thanks for any help!


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