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    Willy Van Driessche Thursday 05 Sep 2019 14:04:20

    Plotaroute a performant compagnion for ViewRanger and Locus app ? 

    Suggest, add route variant @ Download > GPS > GPX > ADD option "Direct Route".

    In direct routes the medium "non informative" standard routepoints are inclusive.

    The total routepoint density is exactly the same as trackpoints in tracks.


    Gpx import in *compatible mobile ViewRanger & Locus app, results in exact navigation by design.

    Only those rtept's containing extra instructions, are promoted into navigation waypoints.


    NOT for Garmins because only supports minimal total rtept's !


    - ViewRanger Navigation: Non directional alert sound (VR does not use [EN] sym) + display name, cmt and desc.

    - Locus Navigation: Any language TTS (or tone code) commands (by compatible [EN] sym) + Direction Arrow + cmt text display.


    Find a short (manual edit) direct route gpx example file. 


    Original design: 


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