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    Peder Andersen   Friday 28 Aug 2020 17:51:23

    If you export the route as a FIT file you should get extra directions on your unit. Both on a separate page "cue sheet" and at the bottom of the map screen. Suggest using the option when saving to increase the distance/warning "shift back" when you download your FIT file.



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    Willy Van Driessche Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 17:09:30

    No other 830 users ?

    Egde 830 probaly is by fit course file download.

    See 830 manual,  or ask in Garmin forum ? 


    I was Edge 705 user, unit sold, now operating "Garminless"

    Edge 705 expected tcx file and you had to disable autorecalculate.

    Anyway course files (fit, tcx) do not transfer the wpt's created by the map annotate function.


    Gpx export (inclusive directions) contains both the navigation track and the wpt's. 

    But Garmins do not support navigation (inclusive commands) by gpx tracks. 

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    Tour McTour   Sunday 15 Mar 2020 10:08:31

    I am not getting any of my added directions or annotations show up on my garmin edge 830, regardless of what format I export it in! It always seems to just recalculate the course, drw it's version which is usually (but not always) what I had planned, and give me directions for that. What format is getting you POIs actually appearing on the Garmin device?

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    Willy Van Driessche Monday 09 Mar 2020 12:41:11

    A tcx course file standard by Garmin. (fit = binary, not text readable)

    Advantage of tcx: A documented navigation "standard".

    Advise: By (prefered) Notepad ++

    Have a (text) look at (Plotaroute) tcx course file download.

    Short test traject:

    In tcx course find track with trackpoints and "associated" Coursepoints.

    The tcx coursepoints contain the navigation and information instructions. 

    Supported CoursepointType (Icons) by tcx is 16. = Inclusive directions Left Right Straight.

    Each single Coursepoint is associated, by position and timestamp, with a single corresponding trackpoint.

    Free located (poi) points are not supported.


    * Navigation by (Plotaroute) gpx download possible ? 

    Sure, + supports free wpt (poi) into single gpx file.

    Disavantage gpx: No standard, as no one ever proposed.

    * A "tcx clone" by gpx using similar method as example tcx.

    Information: Register and Login to see the attachments.

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    oliver les   Monday 09 Mar 2020 08:38:12

    Do you know of a web link where I can read about this 'As tcx fit only supports associated Points by th Garmin standard' ?

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    Willy Van Driessche Sunday 08 Mar 2020 08:57:55

    I tested again (mobile) now. Selected Directions. Confirm the download gpx has both the directions AND free positioned poi's.

    By the way I do like to beiing able to have both types in the download. As such gpx sure outperforms tcx fit. As tcx fit only supports associated Points by th Garmin standard


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    plotaroute admin   Sunday 08 Mar 2020 07:19:09

    The "Directions" option will create a waypoint for every direction in the directions table.  The "POI "option will only create a waypoint for any directions that have labels or symbols and also any labels or symbols that have been added to the map using the Annotate Map tool.

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    Willy Van Driessche Sunday 08 Mar 2020 05:58:49

    That's how I think should work like that. Actually the selections do not function as there is no change. Both selections do have the same output result.  Out =  always: directions+poi wpt.


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    oliver les   Saturday 07 Mar 2020 21:40:31

    Thank you for taking the time to explain.

    I'll do some testing now I think I grasp it.

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    Willy Van Driessche Friday 06 Mar 2020 21:34:41

    That observation seems to be correct.

    I suppose there is to be expected a difference as there are:



    All  waypoints that are directly associated with the track.  Associated = Do have the same postion AND timestamp as a corresponding individual trackpoint.

    - a. The automatic created waypoints containing direction instructions by the Plotaroute router.

    - b. The manual added waypoints by the function + ADD Direction/Notes/Symbol 



    Free positioned manually created (non associated) waypoints by the function ANNOTATE MAP (Add short text labels or symbols to the map)


    At track download expect free Multiple choice. 

    1. None.

    2. POI and/or Directions. (Only the POI's or only the Directions or both POI's and Directions.

    I have a testfile here:

    The gpx download contains 6 associated Direction Waypoints plus 4 Poi Waypoints. 



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    oliver les   Friday 06 Mar 2020 10:07:43


    Could someone explain the difference?

    I created a route and added a few Text Labels, Symbols and a few pictures from my camera roll.

    When I download the file to my Garmin 1030 as a GPX Dir and GPX POI - I can see the Labels and the symbols but as expected not the pics.

    So I could not see any difference between Directions and POI

    What am I failing to understand is there somewhere else to select POI to add to the route map?





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