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    Martin Hajek Friday 31 Jul 2020 15:36:45


    thank you for your help. Appreciate it! Today I did 8 hours' long hike with course navigation and your 'next waypoint' workaround and it worked fine. Hope Garmin will allow custom text to be shown in the standard notification field one day. 

    Yesterday night, when planning today's hike, I found that the problems with shifted directions I was refering to were just a random glitch (or a bug - you can investigate the issue, if you like, Mr. Admin).

    At first, I created this route last week > > and when I did export to FIT and played with the 'shift directions' and 'add turn warnings' a bit I was getting nonsense course points in the exported FIT files - 'shift directions' option was creating additional course points for labeled points and 'add turn warnings' was giving me even more randomly generated course points. 

    Yesterday night, I tried to create the same route > > and the export to FIT was OK. 'Shift directions' as well as 'turn warnings' worked as supposed. 

    The only difference between the two may be that I am used to type my directions/labels in Chinese sometimes (my Garmin device is APAC so works well with Chinese characters) and the former route had some turn directions in Chinese. However shouldn't be the issue since I've been using Chinese characters in Plotaroute for a while...

    If you want to compare the exported FIT files, here is ZIP archive with the two routes and no shift/no turn warnings + 100 m shift/no turn warnings + 100 m shift/100 m turn warnings :

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    plotaroute admin   Friday 31 Jul 2020 08:31:09

    Peter is far more of an expert on the Garmin Fenix than us but I can tell you what we put in the coursepoint name field in the FIT file. We use the following in order of priority, depending on which one exists:

    • directions text (we try to extract the street name)
    • label text
    • symbol type


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    Peter Höglund   Thursday 30 Jul 2020 17:11:21

    Yes, I would also really like the symbol+text in the standard notification field. I really think this is a Garmin thing though. All is in the fit file from plotaroute.

    I've no problem with duplicated course points in fit file when shifting. I really love this feature. Its so annoying that the watch is lagging in navigation.

    Fenix watch has it's own, build in turn warnings. Around 50 m before it gives me a notification with symbol and distance left to turn and then again just the turn symbol when reaching turn. Is that what you refers to?


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    Martin Hajek Thursday 30 Jul 2020 16:04:01

    I use "Follow Course" and copy the FIT file manually to the NewFiles folder. Everything works fine except the missing notification text. Surprised that there is no way to show the text in the notification bar. Or is there an way, Mr. ADMIN? 
    Peter, I noticed one thing: you mentioned that you shift directions by 15 meters. I understand that it should move all course points backwards by set distance. And it indeed does when I choose export to GPX. However when I export to FIT it duplicates course points with symbol (so not course points with directions) and adds direction/note as the text of the shifted duplicate and keeps the original course point with symbol where it is with the Label text (or symbol name if no there is no custom label). This is, in my eyes, what the "Turn warnings" should do. Do you have the same experience? To be honest I am super confused about the directions creation and export and what each option at export does. I've spent more than 3 hours playing with plotting and exporting and the more I try to understand it the more confused I am...:-/


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    Peter Höglund   Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 17:17:50

    I use navigation on my 6x at least 2 times a week.

    I always use routing mode 'follow course' and fit files from plotaroute transferred to watch with CIQ widget Gimporter or by file copy. In plotaroute I set shift directions 15 m to get the pop-up at the correct place.

    You say that you used activity 'follow map' first in your first post. Do you mean routing mode 'Use map'? How do you transfer the route to watch?

    As you have seen the Direction notes show as a minimal text on the map. The only other way to see it is the data field 'Next waypoint'. I have that as a data field on map screen and on another data screen together with other navigation fields.

    The pop-up or standard field on map can't show any custom text from the direction.

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    Martin Hajek Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 15:37:46

    Some observations from today:

    Map notification field at the bottom part of map data screen shows distance to the next course point. But no name/direction/label/note (bit confused what is the difference between label and direction and note and which one has higher priority). 100-50 m before course point, bigger notification pops up (no matter which screen I am) with remaining distance to the course point and symbol/direction arrow. But again no text. And when at the course point, the same notification pops up with only an arrow or course point symbol. I can see course point names on the map as well as in Next Wpt. data fields. 

    I tried all possible combinations of settings (turned on/off all navigation settings options) as well as tried to restart the device before run but still no luck. 

    The track I was testing today is this one:

    Exported FIT file:

    Directions look like this:

    On this (blurred) photo you can see the distance countdown to the next course point (TRAIL):

    And here the direction arrow when at the course point:

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    Martin Hajek Tuesday 28 Jul 2020 16:22:14

    On my Garmin Fenix 6X Pro I am unable to see turn directions/course points notification text. 

    I created a track, exported it to FIT file and save manually to the device. My activity settings are “Follow Map”. Everything should work well BUT:


    On the map I can see label and notes/directions texts (no icons)

    Notifications pop-up few meters before course point (however I exported the track without shifting any course points) and than again at the course point. But the notification shows only symbol/arrow and distance to the course point. But no text. 

    With Next Wpt data field I can see the name of the next course point as well as distance with Distance to Next DF. 


    Fenix users & admin - have you experienced this? I kind of feel like couple of weeks ago everything was working fine (with the same firmware version) but since I am not a frequent course navigation user I am not sure about that…


    Export: FIT file, no shift course points set & no addtional TbT before set

    My device: Garmin f6 x pro solar

    Fw: 9.1

    Routing Settings: Follow Course

    Navigation Settings: Off course notfications: On, TbT notifications: On, Map Data Screen/custom DS1/custom DS2/elevation DS: On


    The track I am talking about (but the same applies to couple of other tracks I tried) is here:


    Thank you! 

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