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    plotaroute admin   Friday 30 Apr 2021 09:48:00

    We're very pleased to announce a number of changes to our popular Make Me a Route tool, to make it simpler yet even more powerful.

    The Make Make a Route tool generates routes for you from a chosen start point. All you need to do is specify how long you want the routes to be and it will generate up to 10 different options for you to choose from.

    The key changes we've made in this update are as follows:

    • Road and Off-Road routing - in line with our Auto-Plot routing options, this tool now has settings to prefer roads or off-road routes.

    • Areas to avoid - you can now highlight on the map areas that you want to avoid.

    • Terrain data - all routes generated using this tool now have terrain data to indicate the type of road or path and also its type of surface where available.

    • Higher usage limits - usage limits for the Make Me a Route tool have been increased (from 30 per month to 20 per day for Premium members and from 3 per month to 2 per day for Standard members).

    • Simpler to use - this tool now has only one set of options instead of the previous Standard and Advanced modes.

    You can access the Make Me a Route tool from the navigation menus on the desktop site. It is currently not available on the mobile app but we hope to be able to introduce it as a mobile option too at some point.

    Make Me a Route - Avoid Areas

    You can see a demonstration of the new features in our Make Me a Route tutorial video

    Have fun making routes!

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    Colin Hoppe   Sunday 13 Jun 2021 16:27:09


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