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    plotaroute admin   Thursday 05 May 2022 09:11:00

    In response to feedback on the new features for clubs that we launched in Janauary, we've made a few changes to the way they work and also added some enhancements.

    Any club can set up a club page for free on Aside from promoting your club, the primary role of club pages is to provide a platform for clubs to share club routes.

    Previously club pages gave club members access to all the routes of other club members, but a number of people pointed out that this included lots of personal routes that were not relevant to other club members. So, going forward, club page Admins will now have control over which routes are set as "club routes". These can either be shared publicly or with just with club members.

    To support this change, we've added a map view, filtering and sorting options, to help when searching though larger lists of club routes. We've also implemented a tab based design to make the structure of the club page clearer and to provide quicker access to each section without the need to scroll down the page. 

    We've updated our guide on How To Use The Features For Clubs, so please take a look at this for further details.

    If your club would like to set up a club page, all you need is someone from your club to act as the Club Admin, to manage the page content. Remember it's free to set up and you have full control over what you routes and other club information you share on your club page.

    Features for clubs on

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