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    Mark Worthington   Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 10:40:17

    I mean I don't want to repeat the "Upload/Select Route (becomes an active and editable route in PR) then Save" process 11 times!

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    Willy Van Driessche Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 09:09:20

    I'm still publishing here for a while so as not to pollute your other new topic too quickly.

    You mean so not only as passive overlay but active and editable as route for navigation ?

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    Mark Worthington   Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 09:01:42

    Willy,For interest, I also use Google My Maps for showing multiple rides .... see Scotland 2023 O&S Rides - View Google My Maps

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    Mark Worthington   Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 08:59:15

    Hi Willy,

    No, I don't want to show many track records on a single map. (Well, I do, but that's another issue, for which I use PR's My Collections).

    I have started a new thread that may explains things better ... Bulk Upload & Save



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    Willy Van Driessche Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 08:43:01

    Hi Mark I do think I had understood the question correctly.

    You want quickly import multi track records shown as map overlay.

    Hiding the request in new features seems to be a delaying tactic ;-)

    I thought is possible by a workaround but called victory too soon.

    So what you presumably want to do could look similar like next.

    Mutiple trackrecords import and shown as overlay

    For clarity by a limited track number and no map background shown.


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    Mark Worthington   Wednesday 19 Jul 2023 05:35:46

    Maybe I should have started a new thread, I didn't make myself clear.

    I have 11 days of cycle rides. I have to import/save 11 files.

    I would like to import 11 files at once, with them saved as 11 seperate files, automatically.

    Unlikely, but worth asking.

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    Willy Van Driessche Tuesday 18 Jul 2023 20:19:49

    But it turns out not to be useful in the end.

    I had tracks in my area and a single one in Norway.  

    Plotaroute still connects those which is undesirable. 

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    Willy Van Driessche Tuesday 18 Jul 2023 20:03:03

    Import many trackrecords ? 


    Plotaroute imports multi gpx tracks.

    The Production.

    Download the gpx editor freeware. (Win)

    Gpx editor

    Once installed open the gpx editor program.

    Gpx editor Menu > File > Add gpx > By multiselect files selection > Open.

    All gpx track record files are imported as a single multitrack file.

    Gpx editor Menu > Save the resulting gpx as freenamed.gpx file.

    Import the freenamed.gpx file into Plotaroute.

    Should work.  ( I tested using a few but relative short distance track records)

    Please test as there may be a limit imposed by the gpx editor program or Plotaroute.


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    Mark Worthington   Tuesday 18 Jul 2023 11:23:07

    Coming back to this rather than making another post ... 

    Having used PR to route a number of rides around Orkney & Shetland, I have returned with actual routes that I cycled. I would like to upload them all to PR to create my "what I actually did" collection but it still appears this is a one-by-one process.

    Is multiple-uploading in the pipleine, or is it just way down the list, please?




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    plotaroute admin   Wednesday 07 Sep 2022 07:42:56

    We've added this to our Feature Requests list (number 137), where people can vote for it.

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    Mark Worthington   Tuesday 06 Sep 2022 09:41:00

    Ah, so 1 GPX file with many routes. I just wanted to be certain you hadn't found a way to import more than one GPX file at a time!

    Yes, I have tried to do this in Plotaroute, and the only current way to show multiple, independent routes is to use the My Collections feature. So it would indeed be an improvement if PR could import without joining .... 





    and, of course, Google Maps Rides Done – Google My Maps

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    Gerald Lanz Tuesday 06 Sep 2022 03:02:27

    I have a gpx file with multiple separate gpx sections. Yes you can use TRace a route but when your screen is mostly black with 400 pus lines lines it is impossible. Its called a birds nest.


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    Mark Worthington   Saturday 03 Sep 2022 22:32:50

    #1 How do you import multiple GPX files?

    #2 Can't you use the Trace a Route function?

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    Gerald Lanz Saturday 03 Sep 2022 16:19:59

    #1 Currently, when you import multiple GPX files the software connects them. If the GPX files are separated by a distance, which they typically are by miles the software draws a straight line from the end of one to the beginning of the next. I imported 50 short 1 mile or less long files and got a birdnest. We need an option to import without connecting. 

    #2. Make imported gpx files "reference only". This allows you to trace over them a new route. Often an imported set of GPX files is not correct or you want to go avoid one due to bad roads or something. This is currently handled by editing the track which from #1 above is impossible to see. 




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