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    plotaroute admin   Sunday 12 Mar 2023 16:08:00

    We are delighted to announce that Plotaroute is now integrated with the awesome Epic Ride Weather app.

    Epic Ride Weather provides personalised weather forecasts that take into account your speed and location, combining multiple forecasts to give you a precise projection of weather for the duration of your ride, or any other activity.

    Plotaroute integration with Epic Ride Weather

    Once you've linked Epic Ride Weather with your Plotaroute account, you can send any route on Plotaroute directly to the Epic Ride Weather app, either from your My Routes page or the View Route page. Then, simply choose a route in the app, set your start time and speed, and you'll get a weather forecast based on the location that you'll be at throughout the whole ride, at 10-minute intervals. It'll show you the predicted temperature, wind speed and direction, and probability of rain at each stage of the ride. Armed with this information, you can then pick the best time of day to head out and better prepare yourself for the expected conditions.

    The option of sending routes directly to Epic Ride Weather is available to all registered users of Plotaroute, but Premium members of Plotaroute can send more than one route at a time, using our Bulk Downloading and Route Management features. An in-app subscription is required to use Epic Ride Weather and a free trial is available - see the Epic Ride Weather FAQ's for more details. 

    Finally, as part of these changes, we have introduced a new section to the website called My Linked Apps. Here you'll find details of any other apps that you've linked to your Plotaroute account, along with options to manage device connections and route transfers. Epic Ride Weather is the first partner app to be added, but we hope to add more over time.

    So, is it a nice day for a ride? Give it whirl and find out!

    The app is available to download for both iPhones and Android devices. If you already have the app, you may need to update it to the latest version to get the new Plotaroute option (version 2.3.87 onwards is required). If you have version 2.3.86 of the app, you can also get the Plotaroute option without upating it by visiting the Account page in the app.

    You can read more detailed instructions for sending routes to Epic Ride Weather in our How-To Guide: How to Link Plotaroute with Epic Ride Weather.

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    Mark Worthington   Sunday 12 Mar 2023 20:53:46

    This is great news!!! I have been using EPW for a while now, especially for my daily commute. Epic Ride Weather - Connect With Plotaroute

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    Scott Stocking   Sunday 16 Apr 2023 05:52:21

    Very cool.  Cannot wait to try it out. 

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    Mark Worthington   Tuesday 18 Apr 2023 06:02:08

    and it's also available in Bulk Actions, so a complete multi-day tour can be synconised in one hit!

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