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    plotaroute admin   Monday 19 May 2014 14:16:19

    Make Me a RouteWe're pleased to announce a major upgrade of our popular Make Me a Route feature, which automatically generates routes of a specified length from a given start point. This latest release generates smarter routes with more options to customise the routes to suit your needs. Here are a few of the improvements we've added:

    • A to B routes as well as circular (e.g. make me a 15 mile ride to work)

    • cycling option with more 'bike-friendly' selection of roads and paths

    • 'road-bike' option - restricts routes to paved roads and paths

    • add custom roadblocks - roads you want to avoid

    • option to avoid hills

    • comparison of ascents of generated routes as well as length

    • make longer routes - now up to 200 miles long

    So, if you have a target distance you want to ride, run or walk, or are just looking for new ideas for routes nearby, head over the the Plot menu in the route planner and click on Make Me a Route or check out our new Make Me a Route tutorial video for a demo of how it works. It's making routes made simple!

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